Public Writing

Aviva Dove-Viebahn’s Ms. online author page can be found here. Print articles, online articles published in other venues, and a selection of her recent Ms. online articles are listed below.

As a Tomatometer-Approved Critic, all her film reviews are also aggregated at Rotten Tomatoes.

Selected Public Writing Available Online

“BANNED: Gender, Race and Sexuality Studies.” [online version of print article], Ms., 6/16/23

Gender, Corruption and Unbridled Power in Prime Series ‘The Power’: The Ms. Q&A With Naomi Alderman,” Ms., 5/25/23

Sundance 2023: Haunting Film ‘Shayda’ Is a ‘Love Letter to the Brave Women and Girls of Iran’,” Ms., 2/14/23

Abigail Disney Is Deconstructing and Rebuilding the American Dream,” Ms., 9/22/22

Sundance 2022: Supernatural Thriller “Master” Explores the Everyday Horrors of Racism—and the Living Nightmares They Can Become,” Ms.,2/3/22

“Feminist Faves: 10 Women-Led Television Shows to Celebrate 2021”, Ms., 12/26/21

“In Indigenous Thriller “Night Raiders,” Danis Goulet Blends History, Sci-Fi, Legend and Reality”, Ms., 9/17/21

“Céline Sciamma’s “Petite Maman”: A Unique Meditation on the Bond Between Mothers and Daughters”, Ms., 9/13/21

“How Do You Solve a Problem Like Natasha? Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Is Fun But Not Enough”, Ms., 7/15/21

“The Old Guard: Revisiting an Exceptional Feminist Action Film on its One-Year Anniversary”, Ms., 7/9/21

“How much longer will straight white women be our queer superhero stand-ins?” Xtra magazine, 6/18/21

“Fighting for Pay Equity: A Q&A with Lilly Ledbetter and the Filmmaker Telling Her Story” [interview], Ms., 3/23/21

“Sundance 2021: “Passing”—Rebecca Hall’s Adaptation of Nella Larsen Novel—Questions How We Understand and Embody Race,” Ms., 2/16/21

“Despite A Promising Beginning, “Wonder Woman 1984” Falls into the Same Old Traps,” Ms., 12/28/20

“’The Glorias’ Film Explores the Many Faces of Gloria Steinem,” Ms., 9/5/2020

“Making the Poet’s Choice: ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire,’ A Stunning Film About Art and Love,” Ms., 3/27/20

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“Between The Personal and The Political: The Lawyer, Her Boss and Their Investigator.” Curator, “The Good Wife,” In Media Res (online), October 10-14, 2011.

“‘Gay Girl in Damascus’: The Truly Despicable Part of the Whole Scandal,” The New Republic (online, 06/18/11).

“Geraldine Ferraro’s Legacy,” The New Republic (online, 03/30/11).

“Passing in the 21st Century,” The Root (online, 09/07/10).

Public Writing in Print

“BANNED: Women’s Studies” [cover story]. Ms. Magazine (Summer 2023): 26-29.

“Now Streaming: Summer 2023.” Ms. Magazine (Summer 2023): 50-51.

“A Right-On Woman” [remembrance of Barbara Love]. Ms. Magazine (Spring 2023): 48-49.

“Now Streaming: Spring 2023.” Ms. Magazine (Spring 2023): 50-51.

“Enough to Drive Your Crazy” [about the legacy of the film 9-to-5]. Ms. Magazine (Winter 2023): 40-43.

“Now Streaming: Winter 2023,” Ms. Magazine (Winter 2023): 56-57.

“A Year of Feminist TV.” Ms. Magazine (Winter 2022): 42-43.

“Justice Served” [analysis of new television shows The Equalizer and Kung Fu]. Ms. Magazine (Summer 2021): 42-43.

“Her Memory, a Revolution” [on Ruth Bader Ginsburg], Ms. Magazine (Spring 2021): 42-43.

“Beyond Firsts and Onlys,” Ms. Magazine (Winter 2021): 44-45.

“All Together Now?” [review of Claudia Rankine’s Just Us: An American Conversation], Ms. Magazine (Fall 2020): 49.

“By and About Women” [on Sundance Film Festival],” Ms. Magazine (Spring 2020): 40-41.

“True to Life” [analysis of Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments], Ms. Magazine (Winter 2020): 40-41.

“Abortion Becomes Ordinary,” Ms. Magazine (Summer 2019): 34.

“southwestNET: Shizu Saldamando” (exhibit review), The Magazine, by Southwest Contemporary (September 2019): 60-61.

“A Return to Separate and Unequal,” Ms. Magazine (print, Fall 2018): 28-30.

“Seeing Red” [cover story on #RedforEd], Ms. Magazine (Summer 2018): 8-9.

“Peace Strength Wisdom Wonder” [cover story on Wonder Woman], Ms. Magazine (print, Fall 2017): 31-32.

“The Writing on the Wall” [introduction to The Handmaid’s Tale excerpt], Ms. Magazine (print, Summer 2017): 39.

“Under the Radar” [review of Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures], Ms. Magazine (Winter 2016): 41.

“Still Fighting For Equality: A new documentary explains why we need the Equal Rights Amendment now,” Ms. Magazine (Spring 2016): 34-35.

“What Does the Female Gaze Look Like: An interview with Jill Soloway,” Ms. Magazine (Spring 2015): 24-25.

“Pockets of Resistance: A new documentary tells the story of the New Jersey 4,” Ms. Magazine (Fall 2014): 48-49.

“Living History: Two recent documentaries by women filmmakers illuminate icons Angela Davis and Alice Walker,” Ms. Magazine (Summer 2013): 42-45.

“Feminism in a Mad World: Mad Men’s women remind us how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go” [cover story], Ms. Magazine (Summer 2010): 32-35.

“Stand By Your Man?: The Good Wife Defies Gender–and Genre—-Norms,” Ms. Magazine (Spring 2010): 47.